❁Intensive course for JET 2018

★ How to survive in Japan ★

Congrats for success JET program. Are you ready to go to Japan?!

Join Japanese summer intensive course, ' HOW TO SURViVE IN JAPAN'         

June 25, to 30, 2018 except 29th(Friday) at Language Training Centre. Application, flyer, approximate prgramme and details are now up-loaded here.The application by e-mail will be closed once all the places are taken. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, HERE

The flyer intensive course
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Approximate programme outline and detail for JET intesive course 2018
program outline and details 18.pdf
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Application form for intensive course
Please fill out information by type or print and mail me, if you have editting problem for PDF, request me application form in word file by e-mail.
Application Form.pdf
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☆Do you need assistance?

Translation for English to Japanese and Japanese English are available.→ Here









It's better to studay 10minutes everyday than to studay one hour once a week!! Continuous is Key to improve language.

Your language skill will make progress by not as 'how long' study but as 'how to study'