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Essay Competition by JJET AA 2019
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★ Japanese Filming

★ しあわせのパン

  Bread of happiness

Bread of Happiness

Directed by MISHIMA Yukiko


Produced by MORIYA Takeshi , YUSA Kazuhiko , IWANAMI Yasuyuki



Screenplay : MISHIMA Yukiko


Music : YASUKAWA Goro


Planning : SUZUI Ayumi


Cinematography : SEGAWA Ryu










MORI Kanna:  SAITO Kaori






A heartwarming drama inspired by a real bakery cafe in Hokkaido that presents a warm depiction of the everyday life of the couple who run it and their customers, filled with the scenery of the four seasons and baking scenes. Writer-director Mishima Yukiko, a prolific helmer of documentaries for national broadcaster NHK, makes her feature debut.


Mizushima (Oizumi Yo) and his wife Rie (Harada Tomoyo) move from Tokyo to a town beside Lake Toya in Hokkaido, and open a bakery cafe with rooms for guests to stay overnight. The genial and hardworking couple greet their trouble customers with welcoming smiles.One day, Hiromi discovers a telegram that Chagawa had hidden. Who sent this telegram? What is the surprising identity of this new, rival writer? Will Mutsuko’s affections be returned? And what future awaits the people of Third Street?


★ Japanese Calendar Festival 2017

Carendar festival will be held by Embassy of Japan on Feb 18 1:00pm~4:00pm. Come and join us, you will get free calendar ( first come, firstserved)

★ The history of Japanese martial arts

If you are interesting in Japanese martial arts, check this out.

☆Japanese Calendar exhibition

March 5, 2016. Come and join us and get nice Japanese calendar!!

☆Do you need assistance?

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